What started as a little inspiration and hobby in the kitchen became a passion! I have always been interested in art and was fascinated by colours and their effects. During the COVID pandemic, my enthusiasm kicked in and I went to the DIY store to buy some colours, canvases and materials. After creating my first artworks in the kitchen, I was able to work on my first commissions at the end of 2021 and that was the starting point for further commissions, exhibitions and private art shows.
I find my inspiration in the memories, colours and moments of life. This includes everything from nature to beautiful interiors, where my inspiration for colour design comes from. With my art, I want to create individuality through the use of different contrasts and textures. My idea is to invite everyone on a journey to discover individual details in my paintings. My greatest motivation and enjoyment is seeing my artwork hanging in houses, flats, offices, medical practices and other spaces, as well as sharing and spreading the happiness with others.

My favourite time for painting is when I'm alone in my studio at night, listening to music and simply painting. When I start a new piece, I often don't have an exact idea of where I want to go, unless it's a commission with colour specifications or specific wishes. But my starting point is always the texture of the painting, and then the colour is added layer by layer. Art is all about invention and so my works are created by using everyday objects such as cardboard rolls, sand, blush and contouring brushes, coffee-to-go cups, used orange nets or a "Habersack (Schönfelder) leather cover".